Bulk Pure Water Wipes: 8 Pack

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8 x 70 Pack

Buy our 100% biodegradable water wipes in bulk. Infused with 99.4% pure water, tooshies unscented water wipes offer a soft and gentle clean for the most sensitive baby bottoms.

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Bulk Pure Water Wipes: 8 Pack

Product details

tooshies 99.4% pure water wipes. A gentle clean for newborn and sensitive skin.

Benefits of Bulk Water Wipes

We created our bulk water wipe pack for parents who want more wipes, better value and less packaging. Buying in bulk saves you 5% and reduces your shipping (carbon) footprint. What’s even better? Our water wipes are safe to be used on your baby’s entire body, for every messy situation. Each of our packs comes with a ‘one hand’ open lid to make the water wipes easy to use in the messiest changes. And, many of our parents keep them in the car for emergencies and use them as makeup removers or cleansing wipes. Single packs of water wipes are a great addition to a maternity gift for new mums. With children around, you can never have too many wipes. But, if you’re short on storage or want to plan for the future without an initial bulk purchase, you may want to try a subscription

A change that feels good.

tooshies is run by a team of mums in Melbourne, Australia, who design, test and sample all of our products with the help of our community. We developed these pure water wipes for the most sensitive of newborn skin as a scent-free alternative to our aloe vera and chamomile baby wipes.

0% Alcohol, Phenols, Parabens, Plastics, no Phthalates

99.4% medical-grade pure water is infused with our uniquely-textured, compostable and biodegradable cloth. Our water wipes only have a handful of ingredients which we have carefully selected to help soothe especially sensitive skin. The ultra-thick wipes ensure that you never have to rub or scrub sensitive skin, which makes for a gentle and superior clean.

All tooshies wipes are made with no nasties to ensure your little one has the purest start to life.

Supporting community

Every tooshies purchase supports Australian women experiencing crisis pregnancy through ongoing impact partnership with The Babes Project. In choosing to purchase these wipes you are ensuring that countless Australian babies and mums have a better start to life.

Shop and save

Shop and save with our bulk 8 pack. For convenience and to ensure your wipes stay fresh, each pack is individually wrapped and sealed. Not only are our pure baby wipes a gentle way to clean little bottoms, but they’re handy to have for little messes or to help remove make-up.


Our uniquely textured 100% biodegradable  pure baby wet wipes are infused with only five fragrance-free ingredients

  • 99.4% Aqua (Pure Water) for a natural, fragrance-free clean
  • Sodium Benzoate, a gentle preservative that stops bacteria and nasties affecting the wipe (and commonly used to pickle vegetables!)
  • Hydroxyacetophenone, a gentle antioxidant
  • Decyl Glucoside, a gentle plant-based cleanser
  • Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, a gentle preservative to maintain the moisture in our wet wipes.

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