tooshies nappies

tooshies nappies

tooshies nappies

Introducing tooshies Nappy Pants

Made with 75% less plastic and a 360 degree stretchy waist. Easy to pull up & tear off!

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Thoughtfully designed
products for baby & parents.

Driven by solving pain points, we obsessed over what was working and what wasn’t to create a place that didn’t leave you choosing between design, convenience and affordability.

Kind Words

Liked them

I exclusively used these nappies for my newborn, I love the idea behind the company and nappies being sustainable considering the high volume we go though, and our individual impact on the environment. We didn't have any leakage issues, but baby was changed as often as he fed

Rhyanna K.

Tooshies aloe wipes

These are my absolute fav! They are pricey but after trying so many other brands they are worth it. I’ve used them for almost 4 years now with both my kids. Definitely a good choice for environment and health of sensitive skin

Tilly C.

Smooth and enviro friendly

I really like these as they're smooth and rolled nicely so they don't go everywhere when you get one out (usually one handed with the other hand stopping a wriggly baby). Also the fact they are environmentally friendly means I feel better buying them, and less guilty that they are a disposable product. Highly recommend, just as good as the old plastic ones, just better for the planet!

Amber C.

Tooshies nappies pants

I dont usually buy nappies pants. However, was pleasantly surprised with how easy they are to put on even if baby is wriggling around. Tooshie nappies and very thick and super absorbent. They hold great on babies body with a super stretch waste. Love the cute little koala design on them. It's really great that they are made with 75 per cent less plastic. They are reasonably priced for an eco nappy and easy to find in store

Belinda B.

Great nappy

I love the neutral koala print that isn’t too bright and works for either gender. The nappy feels so soft! It was easy to put on, with a soft stretch in the waistband. A great option for a wriggly toddler or a potty learning little to start practicing removing their own nappy. These are nice and absorbent I would be comfortable using these for 12+ hours overnight!

Samantha M.


We've tried so many brands and have a petite baby girl, we've found they these with her perfectly- able to move and don't leak on her. We find them super easy to order online and are a great alternative to the more expensive eco nappies. Plus the designs are cute!