Creative craft over the long weekend

Creative craft over the long weekend

Creative craft over the long weekend

Here’s our pick of some creative indoor activities, enjoyable for both kids and parents to inspire your imaginative side of the brain over this long weekend.

Get the fire crackling and bring it on!

Egg cartons

Decorate a standard dozen or half-dozen egg carton with paint, paper, sparkles and then consider gifting some eggs to a friend or neighbour as a surprise & delight Easter gesture. (Or just keep them around the house for something pretty!) Inspired by Blank Goods’ creations.

Paper cutting

We did this over a lunch break in the office and felt like we were in kindergarten again! A low-cost, feel-good activity where you can make something artistic from scraps. Use anything as your coloured paper – we picked up a few paint tile samples from the local Bunnings! All you need is base paper, scissors, glue and coloured paper and then you’re good to go. So very Kikki K!

Easter tree

Just like a Christmas tree. Pick a few loose fallen branches from the local park, the beach, or even your backyard. Take them home and arrange in a vase and hang Easter ornaments, ribbons, pom poms, furry chicks, (whatever you like!) off it like you would a Christmas tree.

Painting wooden eggs

The easiest way to paint your wooden eggs is to open them up and paint each half separately. Best results come when using acrylic hobby paint and then sealing with paint sealer. To buy hollow wooden Easter eggs, head to Golden Cockerel. Once you’ve finished painting, you may like to hide a little surprise in the egg. A wonderful personalised Easter gift idea too. Step by step from Blank Goods.

Pinecone decorating

You could make a pineapple by simply painting the pinecone yellow and adding some greenery to shoot out the top. Other ideas are pinecone bats, pinecone wreaths, dip-dye them, or you can even look at preparing your Christmas decorations early, add some silver sparkles and holly/ivy.

Homemade Easter eggs

Very easily you can buy a few blocks of your favourite chocolate, melt it down (preferably using a bain-marie) and place into an Easter egg mould that you can buy online from a variety of stores, then finally allow to set in the fridge. Or if you’re feeling up to it, you could make your own chocolate and follow this recipe by From Scratch Club.

Any suggestions on your favourite Easter traditions? Let us know and we’ll add them to our master list!

Happy long weekend all. xx