Top Google searches during pregnancy

Top Google searches during pregnancy

Top Google searches during pregnancy

When we want an answer to a burning question, of course we turn to Google.

Where else could we possibly go!? We tend to ask those slightly ickier questions, or those ones we may feel too embarrassed to ask mum or a good friend. That’s why it’s entertaining, enlightening and actually really refreshing to unearth what some of the pregnant mums out there are searching. In fact, a recent Google survey revealed the inquiring minds of expecting parents who Googled twice as much as non-parents.

Image: @joannajohanssonx

When it comes to pregnancy here are the most commonly Googled questions from both mum and dad to be…

Can I safely “eat shrimp”, “drink wine”, “drink coffee”, or “take Panadol?”

Can I eat soft cheeses, especially cream cheese?

Is it safe to drink cold water while expecting?

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Poems for my pregnant partner

My wife is pregnant now what do I do?

How to have sex while pregnant

How to sleep while pregnant

My husband wants me to breastfeed him

How to conceive a boy

Craving ice blocks during pregnancy

Can I eat sushi when pregnant?

Natural birth videos

Cute maternity clothes

Non ugly diaper bags

Epidural not that bad?

Do I really need nursing bras?

Pregnant how big am I going to get?

Overdue ways to induce labour NOW

How big is my baby fruit chart (For an answer to this one, look no further than our previous blog ‘Your baby is about the size of a…’


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