Size 4 Toddler Bamboo Nappies 10‑15kg


1 x 36 Pack
Size 4 Nappies (10-15kg)

A softer and more absorbent disposable nappy made from organic bamboo with a biodegradable backsheet. Buy Tooshies size 4 toddler nappies.

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tooshies toddler bamboo nappies are the best choice for growing babies.


tooshies organic bamboo nappies and compostable baby water wipes are the most sustainable choice when performance, comfort and caring for your baby are non-negotiables.

Our size 4 eco nappies have been designed by our team of mums with your toddler’s comfort as the top priority. Featuring ultra-stretchy elastic and flexible tabs, they’ll support your wriggly little one to stay on the move and comfortable all day and night.

These high-performing eco nappies are made from organic bamboo, are naturally insulating, anti-microbial and offer 12-hour leak-proof protection to keep your baby dry all day and night.

Softer and more absorbent than before, the organic materials make this nappy super soft, breathable and free from nasties to soothe sensitive bottoms. With the environment in mind, these nappies have a 100% biodegradable backsheet and a biodegradable blended bamboo core.

Why bamboo?

The environmental impact of a disposable nappy is related to its raw materials and manufacturing, which is why we have chosen organic bamboo as our core ingredient. Bamboo is naturally renewable and generates more oxygen than other trees and crops.


  • Ultra-Dry 12-hour leak-proof protection
  • Breathable organic bamboo core
  • Naturally insulating and antimicrobial
  • Flexible improved fit and softness
  • 100% Biodegradable backsheet
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Made free from alcohol, parabens, and lotions
  • Available in six sizes from Newborn through to Junior
  • Vegan

A change that feels good

Designed in Melbourne by a team of mums, every pack purchase supports Australian women experiencing crisis pregnancy through impact partner The Babes Project.

When you bring tooshies into your home you are making a conscious choice to help make a better world for your little one.

Our AFLW player, Daisy Pearce, says

"So proud to see our chosen nappy brand, tooshies, raising the bar on disposable nappies yet again, and switching to renewable organic bamboo as their main ingredient. The new design means we can continue to enjoy the convenience of bamboo disposable nappies without the guilty environmental conscience. Best of all though, the new version is an even better nappy! Two weeks into using the new nappy we’ve been so happy with how reliable they’ve been overnight and surprised by how fewer ‘blowouts’ we’re having because of the new anti-leak features. I don't know if it’s just an age thing or whether it’s directly related to the softer, more absorbent materials but we’ve never used so little nappy cream and their skin is looking great. Big tick of approval from us!"


Organic Bamboo Pulp (Core), SAP (core), 100% Biodegradable Plant Based PLA (Backsheet), Nonwoven Polypropylene & Polyethylene (Elastic Waist, Closure Tabs, Side Panels, Landing Zone, Leg Cuffs, Transfer Layer, Core Wrap, Topsheet, Poly Liner), Polymer Spandex and Polyolefin (Leg Cuff Elastic and Elastic Waist System), Safe Adhesives (Seams and Joins), Non-Hazardous Inks Made Without Lead and Heavy Metals on the Printed Poly Liner.

Made responsibly in China.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Camilla Ryals
    Gentle on Baby’s Bot!

    Our baby is nappy rash free! Always has been and always will be while using Tooshies.

    Jessica s
    Great nappy

    Excellent coverage and absorbancy.

    Caroline Teakle
    What happened to the price

    Love these nappies, but a 30% price rise is just crazy. I thought my partner was joking when he came back from the super market saying he had to buy something else instead! Thanks for pushing me to do reusables for my next child!

    Shocked at price increase

    I have been buying Tooshies from Coles over the last few weeks, I have a 2 week old and had planned on using Tooshies until my baby was toilet trained. With the recent 30% increase in price, I feel I can no longer justify spending the extra money. I would like to ask Tooshies to please reconsider their price increase. I would gladly come back to your products if you can make your product more affordable..

    Tina Modesto
    Having to weigh up pros and cons

    Love that these nappies are kinder to the planet, but find their performance to be sub par. The tabs rip sometimes, they are hard in texture to begin with, so much so that I have to crinkle them to soften them up before putting them on our bub. Then they are not very absorbent and we don’t rely on them overnight, opting for a different brand overnight, which are softer, a better fit and way more absorbent. But they are worse for the planet. Wish you nappies were so much better than they are. Will switch to a different brand once my subscription through work has finished.