Daisy Pearce joins the tooshies by TOM family

Daisy Pearce joins the tooshies by TOM family

Daisy Pearce joins the tooshies by TOM family

The AFLW star, midwife and mother of twins shares why she’s chosen to work with us and what the partnership means to her.

When we had the opportunity to appoint our very first tooshies brand ambassador, Daisy Pearce was a no-brainer. Having collaborated with Daisy last year for a TOM Organic campaign, we knew she was the perfect fit; a hardworking mum and trailblazing AFLW player who also happens to be a midwife. Sure, Daisy is undoubtedly impressive, but she also represents so many of us who are trying to juggle our various roles at work and at home, all while trying to do the right thing by our kids and the planet. The cherry on top of the cake? She was already a fan of TOM products.

We can’t wait to collaborate with Daisy over the coming months as she lends her expertise to our products, and shares her insights on motherhood, juggling work and home life and advice for new parents from a trained midwife.

So, why did Daisy decide to collaborate with us and what do we have planned together for 2020? Read on to find out, and keep an eye out for more of Daisy’s insights coming soon.

Daisy as the new tooshies brand ambassador

We hear you were already using tooshies before we teamed up. Tell us why you first started using tooshies?

Daisy: I’ve been using tooshies since my twins, Sylvie and Roy were born 11 months ago. Choosing a quality product that is toxin free and better for our environment was important to me, and tooshies are the best nappies in Australia.

I love the business’ approach and commitment to doing the right thing. Looking after our planet is becoming more important every day and I feel passionate about promoting this message and encouraging others to make smarter purchasing choices. For us it began with choosing the best eco disposable nappies.

As a brand, the work TOM do encouraging women to talk openly about their wellbeing is so important and I was proud to be involved in TOM Organic’s period campaign last year.

Daisy with her twins, Sylvie and Roy

Have your purchasing decisions changed since becoming a mother?

Daisy: Absolutely. I’m certainly more conscious of what is the best product for my kids and what I put in my own body, and choosing organic and toxin free products that are best for the health of my kids and I is something I think about constantly.

I also think about the long term effect of products on the environment, and how my choices today will impact my children in the future. Choosing environmentally friendly nappies today is so important for all of us to ensure we leave the planet in a better place for our children, and tooshies have done an amazing job at providing better options for parents.

Daisy's daughter Sylvie gets a nappy change

As an AFLW player, midwife and mother, your schedule must be incredibly busy. How do you decide which brands to partner with, and how to partner with them?

Daisy: I am busy I won’t lie! All Mums and Dads are busy though – I have a huge amount of admiration for parents and all they are able to get through in a day. It’s hard work but I wouldn’t change a thing.

When it comes to deciding which brands to partner with, for me any partnership must be authentic and the brand must share my values. It’s so important to work with a brand or product that I use and genuinely believe is the best in the market. And of course, working with and supporting Australian companies is important to me.

Daisy with son Roy

What are you looking forward to about your partnership with tooshies ?

Daisy: I’m excited to work with like-minded people to help communicate positive messages and stories to other women, particularly by working together to encourage other women to switch to TOM and tooshies.

I can’t say too much yet but I’m also excited to be collaborating on some brand new products and limited edition products in the year ahead – so watch this space!



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Daisy with the tooshies nappies and wipes range