Q&A Ladies we Love: The Sleep Mama

Q&A Ladies we Love: The Sleep Mama

Q&A Ladies we Love: The Sleep Mama

Who are you, what do you do and how did you get there?

I’m Kylie Camps, mother of twins and owner of ‘the sleep mama’ an online resource for parents. We offer easy to comprehend, helpful and evidence based programs to  combat sleep deprivation. We also have an amazing toddler life program focused on empowering parents to understand the minds of their little people and use kind techniques to manage tantrums, meltdowns, communication, biting, discipline and so much more.

Describe yourself in three words?

Busy Lucky Mama

Who’s in your family?

My husband Matt, our identical twin boys (3.5 years) and our fur baby Lou. 

What does your morning routine look like?

I am definitely a morning person, I am awake before 5am most mornings. I love my “me” time before anyone wakes up. Its my time to get to the gym, go for a walk or catch up on work.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

We very rarely watch tv, maybe 30 minutes max per week but if we do, both my husband I love to watch a terribly trashy show called “Ex on the beach” 

If you had a weekend to yourself what would you do?

A child free weekend? What is that? We have never had one of those but if we did, we would definitely spend it relaxing on the beach, reading our books and enjoying a meal out! 

What’s in your nappy bag/hand bag?

My handbag essentials are a water bottle, snacks for the boys and my lannolips lip balm. 

Image: The Sleep Mama

What’s your best mum hack?

Help your babies and toddlers learn to love sleep and then wake up before them every morning and have some alone time!

How do you “take care” of yourself when you’ve got your period?

I get super grumpy in the lead up so I up my magnesium intake and remind myself, everything FEELS much worse when I’m hormonal. 

What’s your pet peeve as a mother?

People who smoke near their children (and other peoples children) 

One thing you didn’t know before you became a mum?

That sleep deprivation is serious

What’s your best childhood memory?

We spent lots of time camping, so having fun running around campsites comes to mind! 

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

The way we parent our boys is undoubtedly my greatest accomplishment. 

How did you come across your business idea?

3.5 years ago when our baby boys arrived we experienced extreme sleep deprivation, Im talking less than 3-4 hours over the space of a 24 hour period for over 3 months. It nearly broke us! We knew we simply could not be the parents we wanted to be if we didn’t start having enough rest. Sleep is an essential! So we became absolutely obsessed with baby and toddler sleep. I completed my certification to become a sleep consultant and began working with families locally. Before I knew it, word had spread and we realised we needed to create an online resource to help families I could not physically get to.