How to Choose Safe and Natural Baby Wipes

How to Choose Safe and Natural Baby Wipes

How to Choose Safe and Natural Baby Wipes

Baby wipes — we’d be in a lot of mess without them.

Whether it’s keeping bottoms or sticky hands clean, they’re an essential item for any parent.

At tooshies, we’ve always been advocates for parents being able to find what truly works best for their family, while providing eco-friendly disposable options for parents to consider. While reusable baby wipes are a great eco option, disposable wipes are a handy, mess-free, and an undeniably convenient option for many families.

Always look for natural ingredients & transparent ingredients lists.

Why choosing the best natural baby wipe is important

Unfortunately, up to 97% of baby wipes currently on our supermarket shelves are made with polypropylene, a type of plastic that will never biodegrade, which means the overwhelming majority of the 2.5 million wipes sold in Australia end up in landfill every year. Others also contain synthetic fragrances, parabens and other nasties that can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. 

Our 100% biodegradable baby wipes have been independently tested to compost back into the earth within 60-days.
You can even pop them in the green waste bin in many council areas (always check with your local council first).


What parents should look for in an eco-friendly baby wipe.


Not all wipes are created equally. For a long time baby wipes contained lots of paraben ingredients which should be avoided at all costs. At tooshies, we choose not to include alcohol, parabens, latex, phthalates, phenols or poly-plastic in our wipes. All tooshies wipes are also hypoallergenic and pH balanced for sensitive skin.


A baby’s skin is ten times thinner than adults and much more sensitive and prone to irritation. Natural or fragrance-free baby wipes are a better alternative to chemically-scented wipes that can irritate sensitive skin with unnecessary additives.


Where raw materials are sourced, and how they are harvested is as important as the end product. Our baby wipes are made from cellulose and are 100% biodegradable. To look after the earth our children will inherit, we only use natural and organic ingredients in our baby wipes.


Packaging preserves your wipes, but it’s great if it’s also designed with parents in mind. Tooshies’ new wipe packaging features a larger ‘one-hand’ easy opening lid, and the outer packaging can be placed in the soft plastic recycling at your local supermarket, once it is finished.


We are proud to be one of the only wipes available that is 100% plastic-free and 100% biodegradable and compostable. We also independently test our wipe’s ability to biodegrade and compost in municipal facilities within 45-60 days.


Babies go through thousands of nappies and wipes within their first year. Choosing a subscription or buying bulk packs reduces continual trips back and forth to the shops, as well as the amount of packaging you’ll go through — and you’ll never be caught short. All tooshies subscriptions ship via Sendle, a carbon-neutral delivery service.

Both our aloe vera & chamomile, and pure water wipes are free from plastic, alcohol, parabens, latex, phthalates

In addition to our much-loved aloe vera and chamomile wipes, we knew we needed to create a biodegradable pure water wipe that could look after even the most sensitive skin of newborns. This led us to develop a pared-down version of our original wipes — with all the same benefits and even fewer ingredients.

Water wipes typically have a higher percentage of water than other baby wipes, and minimal ingredients. Our pure water wipes are made from 99.4% pure medical-grade filtered water with a tiny percentage of clean, gentle ingredients, that keep the wipes safe and stop them harbouring bacteria and mould.


You can shop our new single and bulk pack pure water wipes, as well as our much-loved aloe vera & chamomile baby wipes via our online store or on Amazon. You can also buy them at your local Chemist Warehouse, Coles and IGA.

Save packaging and money with our water wipes bulk 8-pack and aloe vera & chamomile bulk 8-pack.

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