Organic bamboo: A Nappy Change That Feels Good

Organic bamboo: A Nappy Change That Feels Good

Organic bamboo: A Nappy Change That Feels Good

We created tooshies and our compostable wipes and organic bamboo nappies to give parents an eco-friendly alternative when it comes to disposable nappies and baby wipes.

Our organic bamboo nappy is the most sustainable choice when performance & caring for your baby and the environment are non-negotiable.

Creating disposable nappies that reduce the environmental footprint and to make them while improving the sustainability of how and what they are made from, we’ve continued to explore new materials and manufacturing processes since our launch in 2016. 

It’s important to make a nappy that is truly doing great things for our world, our babies’ bums, that also works really well. Raw materials in the disposable nappy space are slow to change and are often driven by big multinationals with a focus on cost-cutting over impact. We, however, knew there were materials out there better in many ways: better performing, better for our planet, and better for our babies.

Our organic bamboo nappy is the result of that work. It’s the most sustainable choice when performance, comfort, and caring for your baby and the environment are non-negotiable. Our disposable nappies and wipes are even better eco-options, and their performance improves as we grow.



As mums ourselves, we know what’s important in a nappy — and that is, it needs to work. Our organic bamboo nappy is our highest performing disposable nappy to date: our new soft topsheet absorbs more quickly and dries much faster, which is better for bub’s skin and less likely to lead to damp rash-causing conditions. The nappy is also more absorbent. We spent a lot of time testing these nappies with a community of Tooshies parents who were given free rein to be as open with their feedback as they liked, and this helped refine and improve the fit and function of our nappies. 

“This nappy took a long time to develop. It’s a very slow-moving industry in terms of innovation. And finding the right partners that would invest in trialling new things was tough. We spent a lot of time going back and forth, fine-tuning materials, fit, and all the things that are so critical to a great nappy. Luckily, midway through the development process my second child was born, so I had the perfect product-tester!” 
— Amber Maloney, Product Director

We also took onboard feedback that parents felt our nappies were “sized small” and added a little more width and length to each nappy to bring them up in line with other brands in the market. This means you should be able to keep bub in each size a little longer than before, and also gain some extra coverage in case of any sneaky leaks. 

The bamboo nappy itself has been developed with bub’s sensitive skin in mind, with a softer design and a more flexible fit. Organic bamboo is naturally insulating, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic, keeping your baby comfortable and free from nasties throughout the day and night. 

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Why bamboo is better

Bamboo is a fantastic crop that has a much better carbon footprint than wood cellulose pulp and benefits the environment it’s grown in. It requires very little water to produce, is naturally grown without the use of pesticides, and is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, generating more oxygen than forest trees. 

We’ve replaced the wood cellulose used in our previous disposable nappy core with bamboo pulp. This is a big shift in an industry that has relied on virgin wood pulp for so long. Though ours was always sustainably-sourced and PEFC-certified, it still can take up to 50 years to grow the trees needed to make wood cellulose pulp. Bamboo grows to full maturity in less than four years. And because it’s a grass, after harvest it regrows without needing to be replanted. Because bamboo generates oxygen it increases the absorption of carbon dioxide, in many cases more efficiently than timber forests and is a great crop for biodiversity and soil health.

Better biodegradability 

Featuring a biodegradable organic bamboo core, we’ve improved the eco-credentials of our backsheet (the outer part of the nappy) to be the first disposable nappy in Aussie supermarkets with a backsheet that is 100% biodegradable. This was important because it’s the part of the nappy that is most exposed when disposed of, and has the best chance of biodegrading.

We’re committed to using sustainable, plant-based materials in our disposable nappies to minimise our environmental impact and organic bamboo – the core ingredient – is the most sustainable raw material currently available for nappy production. 

No nasties 

Like all of our products, our organic bamboo nappy contains none of the toxic chemicals, lotions, latex and parabens commonly found in conventional nappy brands. Our nappy prints use non-toxic pigments which are free from heavy metals.


This nappy has been a collaborative effort between our team of mums, our manufacturers, and the Tooshies community. We love nothing more than seeing our tooshies family enjoying our nappies and biodegradable wipes, and doing their bit for the planet — you’re the heart of our business.

As a  values-led business we aim to be a force for good, and by buying tooshies nappies you’re not only making a better choice for your baby and the planet, but every purchase you make supports The Babes Project, which helps women experiencing a crisis pregnancy. 

Ready to make the switch? There’s never been a better time to make a change that feels good. Start a tooshies monthly subscription to have organic bamboo nappies and biodegradable baby wipes delivered to your door each month. You can also shop the range at Coles, Chemist Warehouse and online via